A project by Yara Valente

Methods and parameters

As part of my graduation project at the TU Delft, I did research on the subversion of your expectations in architecture. To find out how to design an unexpected moment I created a collection of exemplary projects. The more than hundred examples of this collection show how one can design a subversion of one‘s expectations. It is a growing collection, from which we can learn continuously.

The projects in the collection are analysed on:

  • the effect on the spectator or participant (method)
  • the experienced senses and used elements (senses & elements)
  • the type: architecture/art (type)

Furthermore the examples are tagged, and can be sorted by; size [object, installation, building, structure], placement [inside or outside], timeframe [temporary or permanent], kinetic energy [static or dynamic], relation [spectator or participant] and color.

This collection can be used as a productive tool to develop new forms of the subversion of expectations.

My analysis of the collection shows eight methods in which the expectations of spectators or participants can be subverted:

These eight methods are not the only ways of subverting one’s expectations. There might be many more, depending on who does the research, the context, and other factors. These eight are the result of my research in the context of my graduation project. By having analysed the methods and corresponding projects, and making it possible to sort and compare them in the online collection, I hope that this research can be a good starting point, showing how it could be possible to use architecture for subverting daily routines and fixed expectations.

At ‘Methods’ you will find further explanation about these methods.